Uber Driver Racing The Rising Sea Tide With Stranded Buddhist Monk In The Back


Each car or truck has its own set of capabilities that define it.

Trucks stand more of a chance on rough or muddy terrain than a car, but a car will better get you to and from anywhere via paved roads. Even if you own both a car and a truck you still shouldn’t mix up what each is capable of, b

ecause there’s no way a car could survive through have the crap a truck would. A car can’t haul anything too large nor are they lifted enough to avoid scraping your undercarriage on a speed bump, and for the love of whatever you believe in don’t ever assume your car could make it through high waters! It’s not too uncommon of a mistake but at the same time it’s just common sense… if water floods into your muffler you’re pretty much screwed, so why risk it?

One Uber driver was apparently not aware of the dangers he put himself through during this video, but the funniest part about this is that the driver had passengers! The driver was attempting to outrun the rising tides of Holy Island in Norther Wales and ended up getting stuck somewhere out in the middle of the stretch, as that was the last remaining dry section he could safely park on. What’s worse, the guy actually had to drive through what appears to be 1ft. waters along the first half of the stretch, which should have been a clue to him that making it all the way across wouldn’t happen.


Those poor passengers hired an Uber for the ease of use and utterly complication-free promise, only to get caught in one of the most complicated situations possible. Well the guy may have been a good driver up until that point, but I can honestly say I would cancel any rides with him after this incident. Would you?


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